Thursday, December 24, 2015

What is the true spirit of Christmas?

What is the true spirit of Christmas?  
Many of us forget what Christmas is all about, Giving!   Sgt. Hack will soon be having his book, "The Life of a a Warrior" be available on Kindle.  The book will be sold for $1.99 but all the proceeds will be donated to the Haven of Rest in Akron Ohio.
The Haven of Rest is a nonprofit, non-denominational, Christian social service organization that provides food, shelter and clothing for the homeless and need in Akron Ohio.  This organization has helped thousands upon thousand  of needy people.  Help us help them.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A great review of The Life of a Warrior

Sgt. Hack received this great review of The Life of a Warrior yesterday, December 2nd, 2015:

America – gloried home of the essential underdog. The annals of the history of this land are laden with those who against the odds and conventional wisdom, made something out of nothing. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Ray Kroc, and Ted Turner to name a few, were such men who with a keen sense of vision, managed to overcome the complacencies and the monotonies of life. Albert Einstein once stated that, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from the most mediocre of minds”. Sergeant David Hack was by no means mediocre.
During the Tet Offensive, elements of the 1st Infantry Division often referred to as “The Big Red One” was attacked by soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) on January 13, 1968. All of Sgt. Hack’s men were killed in the ambush. Laying bleeding on the ground, an NVA soldier plunges a bayonet through his throat and naval cavity rendering him unconscious for a day. It was at this moment that his life could have gone either way, life or death. For whatever reasons, Heaven saw it fit that Sgt Hack gain a second, or given his impoverished rural Kentucky upbringing, a third or even fourth chance at life. A day after the attack, a LRRP element found him barely alive and medically evacuated, thus the lone sole survivor of the ambush.
The attack left him with a metal plate in his skull and mouth and a knee injury that modern medicine at the time dictated amputation. Sgt. Hack fought the doctor’s advice and after a year after tumultuous physical therapy, he walked out of the Army Hospital, and became an Army recruiter. The Vietnam War had become a national embarrassment to a generation that did not possess the patriotic fervor and dedication as that of their parents that fought in the Korean War and World War II. The job of an Army recruiter was void of all glamor as the uniform of the US Armed Services was looked down upon. But in Sgt Hack’s typical, “Where there’s a will there’s a way” approach, he somehow made it work.
The Life Of A Warrior is a brief but powerful testimony to the triumphs over trials and tribulations of former Army Sergeant David Hack. Born in to poverty, his mettle was continuously tested. From a prior service Coast Guard sailor to a tried and true battle scarred but hard Army combat veteran, Sgt Hack refused to take no for an answer and accept defeat. This text, which should be required for all high school JROTC, college ROTC, and all military academies as well as collegiate business schools, tells of the challenges and exploits of a man committed to the American alpha male personified conscious that cries never say never. After parlaying an old WWII Willys Jeep into an American flag costumed recruiting vehicle akin to Evel Kneival, he would lose it to a high ranking officer, only to purchase and “patriotize” a Corvette, thus giving military service, a sort of sex appeal. As the book details, he was able to make patriotism en vogue. This lead to his epiphany of merchandise marketing.
As the book details, everywhere that he has gone, he has left an indelible impact on any and all who encountered him, such as Ohio crime bosses angered at his disruption of numerous criminal enterprises while serving as a Hudson, Ohio police investigator after his military retirement. From a failed bar owner, homeless beach dweller in Florida, street vendor, he managed to catch the eye of Jeb Bush. Only then did his newly wed wife discover his heroic exploits in Vietnam, owing to his modesty and concealment of PTSD.
Having a knack for unconventional and unorthodox approaches to business, and life altogether for that matter, Sgt Hack rests on the “stand by your man” unconditional love of his wife and borrows $500 from her. Despite challenges and staunch antagonism, such as the spiteful efforts of an enraged mother-in-law attempting to sabotage his VA loan, Sgt Hack would transform this defining moment and throw caution to the wind. Many would perhaps question, “but why the leather jacket industry?”.
The leather jacket has always held an iconic status in American pop culture, made infinitely popular by counter culture bikers, and aviation golden age era aviators. Evel Knieval made the customized jacket popular in the 1970’s with his numerous high flying motorcycle and dare devil antics. This would be followed in the 1980’s with the arrival of Harrison Ford’s “Indiana Jones” character, and Tom Cruise’s military patch clad Naval Aviator G-2 jacket. There was clearly a market for leather jackets. Owing to his business acumen, he sought to go into the leather jacket business in a hard shell to crack business. Intent on winning and winning at all costs, years later, US Wings is a leader in the military leather jacket and military memorabilia.
Life Of A Warrior, is a great read that tells of the triumphant will of the underdog to achieve despite, class, income, educational level, and the near loss of life. Furthermore, it tells of how one man chose to stick to his guns despite the obvious signs of negative situations and people surrounding him. So much can be gained by reading such a brief, but powerful testimony of how to be successful despite adversity. An easy reader, it further tells of how so much can be obtained with so little. The key ingredients are vision, faith, and persistence. Just as the enemy NVA soldier failed to pierce his spirit, failure was not an option for Sgt Hack. This book is the ultimate, “rise from the ashes” testimony and is sure to motivate any and all who read it. More than just a book on patriotism, it also answers to business development, marketing, self help, inspiration, and spirituality. Much can be gained by reading such a powerful and dynamic text about a man who refused to lose. There’s only one way to find out how Sgt Hack was able to blunt the efforts of the crime boss who placed a contract and bounty on his head. Simply read The Life Of A Warrior. Welcome Sgt Hack !!!

Ignacio Pullum

Thank you Ignacio

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Untold Stories: Saluting Our Vietnam Veterans

Untold Stories: Saluting Our Vietnam Veterans

Tribune Broadcasting stations across the country will air Untold Stories: Saluting OurVietnam Veterans, an hour-long documentary honoring the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women in our country's most divisive war. More than 58,000 Americans lost their lives in that conflict, and those who returned home still bear the physical, emotional & psychological scars. Many of the millions of Americans who served during the Vietnam War never heard the words "Thank you for your service" -- this documentary will help honor these veterans and help to give voice to their stories. For more information and for a full list of air times and dates, please visit Tribune Media's Untold Stories: Saluting Our Vietnam Veterans page.
We encourage you to locate Vietnam veterans and their families in your area, invite them to watch this milestone commemorative event with you, and thank and honor them personally!  You (and they) will not want to miss this special presentation!
US Wings of Boston Heights Ohio has been selected to be a Commemorative Partner. for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.   SFC David Hack, a Vietnam Veteran founded US Wings in 1986 and has often remarked that is because of the US Army that he was able to be successful in many endeavors after he retired.  “Education, training and dedication are the foundation of the many skills I learned as a member of the US Army” said SFC David Hack.

US Wings is a Vietnam veteran-owned business and a proud partner of the 50thAnniversary Vietnam War Commemoration.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What do our Military Leader say about The Life of a Warrior?

What do our Military Leaders say about The Life of a Warrior?    THE LIFE OF A WARRIOR tells the story of a Vietnam Veteran’s Journey from humble beginnings in Sunfish, Kentucky to the role he now plays as Chief Executive Officer of US Wings.  Now in its 10th printing, The Life of a Warrior has been given free to over 100,000 people. Written with the intent of helping people, especially veterans who have many issues to overcome, The Life of a Warrior has helped many.  
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently thanked Sgt. Hack:

Reviews of this book which is based upon the life of SFC David D. Hack are coming in from around the world.  Over 100,000 copies of this book, now in its 9th printing have been given free.  This book is Sgt. Hack's attempt to give back to his fellow veterans and help those who still have adversities in their lives.  Read some of most recent reviews:

Couldn't put it down. Grew up an Army brat and many times I saw my Dad in the pages of this book. Sgt. Hack is a true man of character, loyalty and honor.

P.S. Loved the Hack mobile!
Eugene Fairchild

I found "the life of a warrior" to be inspiring. I was touched by the can do attitude Sgt. Hack has had in all his pursuits. His ability to see thru the ordinary and give it his own personal flair has served him well. From his time as a recruiter to business owner and everything in between Sgt. Hack has given it his all and made it his own. Sgt. Hack's life should be an inspiration to us all. The life of a warrior reflects a life well lived.
James Fairchild

I really enjoyed your book " The Life of a Warrior". It documented your early life which provided your exceptional life experiences that gave you the strength to work through and survive the life of a warrior, and continue to survive today at what this life throws at us. I to am a Vietnam vet during "68 and 69" and believe the ups and downs during that period changed my life forever and am proud to have served.
Rich Greene

Write your review of The Life of a Warrior and win a chance for a FREE A-2 Flight Jacket from US Wings.    Please include your impression, feelings and personal anecdotes.  Explain how the book may have affected or inspired you.  Your review will place you into a drawing for a FREE Leather Modern A-2 Flight Jacket.  One jacket will be given away the 15th of every Month until Christmas.  One jacket per customer and one entry per customer.  No purchase necessary. 
You can read the book online for free by downloading the book in PDF format.

Why do we want your reviews?  Saylors  Brothers Entertainment is creating a feature film based on 

"The Life of a Warrior" book and your reviews will be part of the film.  The Saylors Brothers also produced The Ballad of Sgt, Hack music video.  You want to be part of a Hollywood movie?  Here's your chance, send us your review!

Monday, October 26, 2015

What are people saying about Sgt. Hack's US Wings Bomber Jackets?

What are people saying about Sgt. Hack's US Wings Bomber Jackets?
These are recent reviews sent to us from very satisfied customers:

Finally, a quality leather jacket at a very reasonable price. The ordering process was quick and easy. Not only did I find the perfect jacket for myself, I also orded the exact jacket for my 8yr.old boy. Being a military veteran, I loved the fact that I was buying an American made product from another Veteran. (Thank you for your service). In short, a great American company offering great service and merchandise. Keep America strong, support American owned businesses and our Nations Hero's. Thank you, sincerely: 
Keith Knapp

I love jackets, particularly the military types. The A2 Leather Bomber Jackets have always been my favourite, but has never made an effort to acquire one until recently. While browsing thro' Youtube I stumbled across Craig Shipp's video titled 5 Best Bomber Jackets. Two of them are Indiana made by Wested in the UK and A2-Bomber by US Wings. That's when I got the name of your company. When I saw the price for A2 modern was reduced from $345 to $195 I immediately grabbed the opportunity. I ordered one, but haven't received yet; hopefully it will turn up any day this week.

I love the Indy-style jacket too. The jackets look good on Harrison Ford. The style fits the environment in the movie very well. Actually I had one tailored made by a Pakistani maker recently. It is cheap and not bad quality for the price I pay. However it is not comfortable to wear. The sleeves are very tight and the lining along the sleeves are a bit prickly. Also the pockets are too small, I have a difficulty putting my hands in.

I didn't realise that the first Indy Jacket was derived from Bomber jacket by Neil Cooper. I have been under the impression that they are all originally designed by Wested until I read your article. Seeing that US Wings makes their Indy jackets using Neil's original pattern, I am very interested in it.

I will therefore try my luck in the monthly draw. I'll keep my fingers cross!

John Sudjana

First, it is the quality of all your products. They are of heirloom construction. Their will always be a family member hoping to acquire this jacket.
Personally I retired from law enforcement after 30 years and from the Mn Air Mational guard after 20 years. This jacket speaks to who I am and how I dress.

NIck Wasylyk

This review is for the B-17 A-2. Got this last year and had it painted with the 11th Bombardment Group (H) emblem in honor of my father who was co-founder of the group, a Pearl Harbir survivor and a POW from being shot down over Ploesti Romania. It's a GREAT goatskin jacket. Substantial weight for cold weather layering yet light enough for COOL weather. I doubt it will ever wear out due to the quality of the leather and construction. It was my second A-2 from U S Wings, where I would ALWAYS purchase my jackets. FIVE STAR rating, great customer service and QUICK shipping. THANKS US WINGS!!
Leonard Jenkins

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Consumers Love Sgt. Hack's US Wings Indy Jackets

Consumers love Sgt. Hack's  US Wings Indy Jackets:

My experience with US Wings was outstanding, and their Indy jackets are beautifully crafted. I ordered a Signature Series Adventurer jacket in Striated Lambskin in Size "L". The jacket is a thing of beauty--the skin is super thick for lamb. Unfortunately, the jacket didn’t fit me very precisely. The size “L” fit, but at the same time, it didn’t. I can really only describe it like this: I felt like I was 16 and wearing my dad’s jacket (I'm 6', 190lbs, athletic build, usually wear 42R suit coats and have a 43" chest measurement w/ a t-shirt--squarely in the "L" category). I emailed US Wings about other options and followed up with a phone call. By email and phone, the US Wings reps were informative and pleasant…basically, a model of good customer service. The US Wings rep even recognized my voice from our conversation 10 days prior. After discussing options, I decided to try a size “M” in the Signature Series; I also ordered a size “L” in Legend the 30th Anniversary Featherweight Antique Lambskin to compare cuts. US Wings extended their return time and let me hold on to the Signature size “L” to compare. As before, the jackets arrived in 9 days to Germany. The size “M” Signature series fit me perfectly. Although it's not 100% screen accurate (a feature I wasn't really concerned about), it was the Last Crusade style jacket I always wanted and it felt great on. I tried on the Legend, and it too felt great but totally different (it is very lightweight though not too delicate--though I certainly wouldn't wear it being dragged behind a truck). What to do with two awesome jackets that were very different? I modeled them for my wife…she liked the Legend better, due to it being more tailored and shorter. But I was leaning towards the Signature Series. Then she said, referring to the Legend jacket, “It looks more Indiana Jones.” That did it for me...I kept both. I think I “chose wisely.” Thanks to US Wings for their excellent customer service and fine products...I'm a customer for life.
Matthew D 3/6/16

I've had my US Wings Indy Texas steer hide leather jacket for nearly 5 years now, my father bought it for my birthday one year. I've been an Indy fan since a small kid, when my father took me to see Raiders of the lost Ark. My father passed away in 2013, I still have the jacket, it still looks like new even with all of the punishement i have put it through, favorite jacket and would never give it up.
Harry T  2/17/16

"Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket”
But your website does not recognize my email address.

So, I’ll tell you… It is a GREAT jacket! The fit, finish, and over-all quality are second to none! This is my 2nd or 3rd US Wings jacket and they have all been exceptional! I almost just purchased one of your closeout jackets, but I tuned in too late and missed my size!

Great site, great products! Thank you!

Matt 2/14/16

My Indy Jacket is phenomenal! It fits to comfort as well as slick style and smooth presentation. USWings did a fabulous job creating my jacket for me! This jacket allows me to go back into time as a child and pretend to be an adventurer. Not only did this jacket make my entire Christmas holiday season complete, but I had the pleasure of meeting Sergeant Hack. Being a Kentucky native, I appreciate Sergeant Hack's story! I read his story that came with packaging! It was an inspiration to me. I was able to speak with him personally over the phone several times in the process of getting my jacket. Man I tell ya, he is the greatest and the best storyteller of all time! I recommend this company when buying the Indy Jacket as well as any other bomber jacket that is available in stock! You will not be disappointed I promise!
Scott Dykes  12/21/15

I love that 'more than iconic' indy jacket. it has that aura of 1930's golden age aviation and old Bogart movies. It wouldn't be out of place in any of those old black and white movies or Norman Rockwell paintings. It does take some design ques from some of the prototype jackets designed for airmen prior to the adoption of the A-2 and G-1 prior to World War II. But along with the undeniable whiffs of Howard Hughs and his H-1 or Jimmy Doolittle and his GeeBee racer there is a timeless quality that makes it at home in the most contemporary settings and sends a message of masculine adventure and daring. You can't deny the personality of one wearing this gem. I have a leather jacket inherited from my father now deceased. the jacket is at 8 decades old and bears the scars of everything from rainstorms to sliding along pavement after dropping a motorcycle at 40 mph. Say what you want about modern fabrics nothing but leather could come out of that and still look good enough for a night on the town. In fact the scrape marks from that particular episode make a great conversation starter. I men i would still wear it anywhere if it still fit. That's why I'm so glad this one is available. - motorcycle wreck is optional.
Fred Shaffer

I was a young infantryman when Raiders Of The Lost Ark was released and I only bothered to see it at the insistence of my blond and rather attractive girlfriend. About five minutes into the movie I actually forgot she was sitting next to me because, I had discovered KAREN ALLEN , sigh.
This was a woman who could drink a Tibetan Yakherd under the table and plant a knuckle sandwich on the kisser of an over confident Indiana [we called the dog Indiana] Jones.
I have two Indy jackets in my closet, among my large collection of leather flight jackets and post war horse hides. Both are Coopers [of course] and they are my favorites. The Indy jacket is simple, rugged and has a style that cannot be denied. There is "fashion" that changes with the wind and there is "style" which endures all the fashion nonsense.
One of my Indy jackets accompanies me whenever I travel, it is my talisman, my connection to home.
If I could own only one leather jacket it would be an "Indy".
Thanks to Neil Cooper and thanks to US Wings for keeping the faith.

Timothy McNamara

I like the jacket because of its understated, everyday practicality. One does not normally think of film-ware as being practical, but that's what the Indy-style jacket is (and just as well since it's based off of real military jackets that are supposed to be practical in design). Straight leather barrel cuffs are a rarity on bomber jackets, but that's what sets the Indy-style apart, along with the straight waist enhanced by the pleated action back and twin back vents. This makes the jacket much more comfortable and allows it to be worn in a variety of climates and temperatures, even summer conditions, provided the appropriate leather type, as opposed to the all-too-common knit cuffs and waistband which are appropriate for cold conditions, but are completely inappropriate for much of anything else. The patch pockets are large and generous, and the hand warmer pockets are something that should honestly be on any leather jacket made with patch pockets. The snap-shut storm flap present on Last Crusade and Crystal Skull jackets make for added protection against the wind, and should have honestly been there from the start.

All of this is combined in a timeless, yet understated style and design. The jacket is plain and draws no unwanted attention to itself, which is keenly important as a point of practicality, yet it's a true, timeless classic, and anyone that knows anything about film-ware will recognize it.

The character of Indiana Jones himself is embroidered as a classic hero. While an artifact hunting archeologist that could be somewhat considered a grave robber, he sets himself apart with his honest dealings and respect for the artifacts in understanding and preserving them, not using them in black market deals or trying to turn them around for profit. The original movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, is an all-time adventure classic, and help established the Indiana Jones persona in American film history.
Raymond Gee

I have an Indy style jacket I bought from US Wings back in 2008 to wear when I went to see kingdom of the crystal skull. I had always wanted an Indy jacket I bought a cooper jacket secondhand on eBay but I quickly outgrew it but when I finally bought mine from US wings I was so impressed because I finally had an Indy jacket that fit me and I haven't stopped wearing it since that jacket is a part of my style. When I put it on it still feels great as like I put it on for the first time you can feel the spirit of adventure with you as you wear it or at least I do it makes you feel heroic sharing the same dress sense as one of your favorite fictional heroes. You may never ever live the life of Indy but having this jacket makes it feel close to it. Another reason that this is my favorite jacket is that US Wings history and the fact that they are a Ohio company. I myself live in Buckeye lake and am proud to wear a US Wings Brand Indy Jacket.
Jarret Huff

I had been a fan of the Indiana Jones movies since they first appeared in theatres. Indy is an action hero, but with a more complex character and more fully developed human nature than, for example, Rambo. Indy is an educated man, a degreed archaeologist and historian, but sometimes still makes an incorrect choice. He is physically tough, but still exhibits human weaknesses and failings, suffering pain and bleeding at times. He's a handsome man, but not able to magically seduce every woman he encounters, ala James Bond. He is cautious as a result of his experience, but still courageous enough to act when the moment requires action. Basically, the character of Indiana Jones is an ideal of sorts, a believable blend of positive and negative attributes, in much the same way that some of the characters in Greek, Roman and Norse mythology were not always perfect beings, but sometimes demonstrated flaws which allowed readers to more fully relate to them.

Admiring the character of Indiana Jones as I do, I purchased a U.S. Wings Signature Series VIP jacket in 2009. I was impressed with the gorgeous, soft cowhide leather, and the sturdy, comfortable nylon lining. The workmanship is impressive in every detail. Further, the fit is absolutely perfect, Shoulder width, sleeve length, and fit through the body could not have been better if the jacket had been made to measure. I still have that jacket and still wear it regularly. I liked it well enough that over time I purchased two more Signature Series jackets, one in black goat and another in brown goat. My very positive experience has made me a fan of the product.

Ron Russell

I actually call my Indie Jacket a MacGyver Jacket.  It was a wrap gift from Richard Dean Anderson with whom I became friends while working as the stills photographer for 7 years on the TV series "MacGyver".

As I wear the jacket year round for work and play in some very rough places, it has become well broken in over the past 25 years.   I have had to have the cuffs and waistband renovated, and a new lining replaced by U.S. Wings who did a great job.
It always draws comments and looks great, it gives me a emphasizes my sense of self-image.  I am very proud of this jacket.

Chris Helcermanas-Benge

I love the Indiana Jones movies because of the strong American values they represent. Indy is adventurous, courageous, chivalrous, and intelligent. These are a few of the qualities that has made America the great nation that it is.The Indiana Jones movies have inspired our children to be brave adventurers and enjoy learning.

When they were younger, we bought our two children the Indy style jackets from U.S. Wings. We LOVE them! We hid the jackets and designed a treasure map that the children followed to find clues that eventually led to the ultimate treasure, the Indy jackets. Along the way they discovered an Indy fedora that we also got from U.S. Wings, a whip, and a satchel. Needless to say, this was the first of many adventures that our boys enjoyed in their jackets. Sadly, they have outgrown the jackets now and we are considering buying them new jackets that will fit them at this stage in their life.

I am proud to say that the Indy jackets we bought from U.S. Wings were of excellent quality and looked exactly like the one worn by Indiana Jones in the movies. We thoroughly enjoyed our shopping experience with U.S. Wings and we look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.

Kane Wyatt 

US Wings is THE company to turn to for the classic Indianna Jones leather jacket! The quality- the style - the fit- are unmatched. Look no more they are right here.
Dennis Calvert

How can You Win a Free U.S. Wings Indy Style Jacket?
First of all you must understand the history of U.S. Wings and the development of the Indy Style jacket.  The Indy jacket is known far and wide and was an integral and significant part of the makeup of the INDIANA JONES character.  Whether dashing through the jungle or racing across the desert, the jacket protected Indy from all the elements.
Neil Cooper a former partner of U.S. Wings originally conceived the first pattern for the INDIANA JONES  by combining features of the Air Force A2 and the Navy G1.  Eliminating the cuffs and waist band from the A2 and then adding the Bi-Swing back, small side gaps & side adjustment straps with rectangular sliders, the Indy jacket was born. There have been multiple jacket manufacturers who have contributed to the four INDIANA JONES movies but it has been verified that the pedigree originated with Neil Cooper and He in fact supplied 8 jackets for the TEMPLE OF DOOM.
U.S. Wings has the worlds largest selection of Indy Style Jackets available in Texas Steerhide, Antique Lambskin, Cowhide, Bison, Kangaroo and Striated Lambskin leathers.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What are People saying about Sgt. Hack's Leather Repair Service?

Sgt. Hack's US Wings has been sought out by families across the United States to repair their treasured family heirlooms.  We can repair Historic Leather Jackets with a new zipper, lining, cuff & waistband and more.  Many different manufactured brands of Historic Leather Jackets have been repaired and brought happiness to those relatives honoring the memory of their loved one.
Here is a customer's review:

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your repair of my leather jacket. The jacket was made for me during a tour in Korea 30 years ago and I was never totally happy with it. A bit large, the wool lining itched and then finally the zipper failed. No one in my home town had the skills to repair it. Having dealt with US Wings before, I went to your web site and found instructions for shipping to you. A brief note was all you needed. When I got it back home today, I found you had gone beyond my greatest expectations. The lining you supplied was perfect and got rid of the itching problem. The new zipper is built like a truck. What I did not expect was the additional work you did repairing loose seams with new, stronger stitches. It looks like a million bucks. Thank you for exceeding expectations once again.
Kontum 1968


Why Replace when We can Repair your favorite leather jacket?   US Wings offers worldwide Professional Leather Jacket Repair services.  Tune-up your old favorite with a new zipper, lining, cuff & waistband and more.  We repair all brands and types of leather jackets, including motorcycle jackets and not just our own.

Professional Leather Jacket Repair Service Options:

  • Cuff Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, & Black
  • Waistband Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, & Black
  • Zipper Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown & Black; Style: A-2 & G-1
  • G-1 Collar Replacement – $90: Color: Dark Brown
  • Lining Replacement – $90: Standard Brown/Black Lining (Note: if your jacket does not have an existing lining, there will be an additional $50 charge for adding a jacket lining)
  • Escape Map Lining Replacement – $110: Colors: Egg Shell (as seen in Avirex jackets) and Gold
  • No Lining Charge – $50 (Charged if your jacket DOES NOT have a lining)
  • Patches – $10 per patch: Please take a photo/draw a diagram of where you would like them sewn.
  • Navy Flyer’s Creed – $69.95 (Note: Only adding this item to existing lining. If you need the lining replaced, also select Lining Replacement. Banner: approx. 17.75″ x 13″)
  • Shorten Sleeves – $70.00 (Final Sale – Please indicate, with white chalk, the desired length to be shortened.)
*Any special requests may result in additional cost. Please contact our Customer Service at (800)650-0659 for questions.
Our turnaround time for repairs is 3-4 weeks, and 4-5 weeks for linings.

Established in 1986 by SFC David Hack, USA (Ret), US Wings is a veteran-owned business and is an authorized repair facility for both the US Military and the general public.
Our turnaround time for repairs is 3-4 weeks and 4-5 weeks for linings.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More about Sgt. Hack and the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration

Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration
at the Piston Powered Autorama in Cleveland OH. 
The I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama will celebrate the 50th Annual show in Cleveland OH at the I-X Center on March 18 - 20, 2016 and will team with the Medina VFW 5137, local Veteran Organizations and three Chapters of Rolling Thunder to create a program that will comport with the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act to conduct a program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. US Wings has donated 10,000 copies of The Life Of A Warrior* (an inspiring book based on the life of US Wings CEO SFC David Hack) to the event, which will be distributed free to attendees. US Wings is proud to be an Official Commemorative Partner of the Vietnam War 50th Commemoration.

The commemorative programs will include activities and ceremonies to achieve the following objectives:
  • To thank and honor veterans of the Vietnam War, including personnel who were held as prisoners of war, or listed as missing in action, for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the United States and to thank and honor the families of these veterans.
  • To highlight the service of the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War and the contributions of Federal agencies and governmental and non-governmental organizations that served with, or in support of, the Armed Forces.
  • To pay tribute to the contributions made on the home front by the people of the United States during the Vietnam War.
  • To highlight the advances in technology, science, and medicine related to military research conducted during the Vietnam War.
  • To recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by the allies of the United States during the Vietnam War.

For more information and for ticket pricing, please call 216-265-7223 (RACE) or visit
*The Life Of A Warrior has received glowing reviews; check 'em out here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sgt. Hack can Repair or replace your Leather Jacket

Repair or Replace your Leather Jacket before Winter arrives.  If you’re looking for a new leather jacket to replace your old one,  Sgt. Hack's US Wings has the world’s largest selection of leather jackets including A-2’s. G-1’s, Indy-style jackets, motorcycle jackets and more.   See the entire collection at:

US Wings offers worldwide Professional Leather Jacket Repair services.  Tune-up your old favorite with a new zipper, lining, cuff & waistband and more.  We repair all brands of leather jackets, not just our own.
Established in 1986, US Wings is a veteran-owned business and is an authorized repair facility for both the US Military and the general public.
Our turnaround time for repairs is 3-4 weeks and 4-5 weeks for linings.
Note:  It does not have to be a US Wings Jacket, as we repair any leather jacket no matter who made it!

Professional Leather Jacket Repair Service Options:

  • Cuff Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, & Black
  • Waistband Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, & Black
  • Zipper Replacement – $60: Colors: Dark Brown & Black; Style: A-2 & G-1
  • G-1 Collar Replacement – $90: Color: Dark Brown
  • Lining Replacement – $90: Standard Brown/Black Lining (Note: if your jacket does not have an existing lining, there will be an additional $50 charge for adding a jacket lining)
  • Escape Map Lining Replacement – $110: Colors: Egg Shell (as seen in Avirex jackets) and Gold
  • No Lining Charge – $50 (Charged if your jacket DOES NOT have a lining)
  • Patches – $10 per patch: Please take a photo/draw a diagram of where you would like them sewn.
  • Centennial/Navy Flyer’s Creed – $69.95 (Note: Only adding this item to existing lining. If you need the lining replaced, also select Lining Replacement. Banner: approx. 17.75″ x 13″)
  • Shorten Sleeves – $70.00 (Final Sale – Please indicate, with white chalk, the desired length to be shortened.)
*Any special requests may result in additional cost. Please contact our Customer Service at (800)650-0659 for questions.
Sgt Hack

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sgt. Hack and the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary Vietnam War

Sgt. Hack and US Wings are ardent supports of the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.  Appointed a Partner by the 50th Anniversary Commission, Sgt. Hack  has provided The Life of A Warrior, his book about his life and experiences in Vietnam free to Veterans Hospitals, VFW's, American Legions, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapters and many others.  

Vietnam had a profound experience on Sgt. Hack.  Wounded twice, the second time severely, Sgt Hack spent over a year at Ireland Army Hospital at Ft. Knox Kentucky.  He feels this time spent with his fellow wounded veterans helped him transition from combat back to the world.  The Life of a Warrior recounts his time spent in Vietnam in 1968 from his arrival in March until his medical evacuation in September. 
The Life of a Warrior is in its 9th printing and has been given out to over 100,000 people around the world.  

 After serving several months as a Career Counselor, he was selected to be the NCOIC of Protocol for Major General Keith Ware, acting as his bodyguard.  
Ordered by a young Lieutenant September 13th, 1968 not to accompany General Ware and instead travel overland via convoy, Sgt. Hack was ambushed by the Viet Cong and severely wounded.   A rocket-propelled grenade destroyed General Ware's helicopter while in flight saving Sarge's life.  Sgt. Hack was the only survivor of the ambush of his company.
To this day, Sgt. Hack has been involved in helping veterans in a multitude of causes and events. 

 Most recently, partnering with the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War to promote awareness of the 58,220 Heroes who gave all, and the millions of surviving solders who have never been recognized for their sacrifices.