Thursday, December 24, 2015

What is the true spirit of Christmas?

What is the true spirit of Christmas?  
Many of us forget what Christmas is all about, Giving!   Sgt. Hack will soon be having his book, "The Life of a a Warrior" be available on Kindle.  The book will be sold for $1.99 but all the proceeds will be donated to the Haven of Rest in Akron Ohio.
The Haven of Rest is a nonprofit, non-denominational, Christian social service organization that provides food, shelter and clothing for the homeless and need in Akron Ohio.  This organization has helped thousands upon thousand  of needy people.  Help us help them.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A great review of The Life of a Warrior

Sgt. Hack received this great review of The Life of a Warrior yesterday, December 2nd, 2015:

America – gloried home of the essential underdog. The annals of the history of this land are laden with those who against the odds and conventional wisdom, made something out of nothing. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Ray Kroc, and Ted Turner to name a few, were such men who with a keen sense of vision, managed to overcome the complacencies and the monotonies of life. Albert Einstein once stated that, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from the most mediocre of minds”. Sergeant David Hack was by no means mediocre.
During the Tet Offensive, elements of the 1st Infantry Division often referred to as “The Big Red One” was attacked by soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) on January 13, 1968. All of Sgt. Hack’s men were killed in the ambush. Laying bleeding on the ground, an NVA soldier plunges a bayonet through his throat and naval cavity rendering him unconscious for a day. It was at this moment that his life could have gone either way, life or death. For whatever reasons, Heaven saw it fit that Sgt Hack gain a second, or given his impoverished rural Kentucky upbringing, a third or even fourth chance at life. A day after the attack, a LRRP element found him barely alive and medically evacuated, thus the lone sole survivor of the ambush.
The attack left him with a metal plate in his skull and mouth and a knee injury that modern medicine at the time dictated amputation. Sgt. Hack fought the doctor’s advice and after a year after tumultuous physical therapy, he walked out of the Army Hospital, and became an Army recruiter. The Vietnam War had become a national embarrassment to a generation that did not possess the patriotic fervor and dedication as that of their parents that fought in the Korean War and World War II. The job of an Army recruiter was void of all glamor as the uniform of the US Armed Services was looked down upon. But in Sgt Hack’s typical, “Where there’s a will there’s a way” approach, he somehow made it work.
The Life Of A Warrior is a brief but powerful testimony to the triumphs over trials and tribulations of former Army Sergeant David Hack. Born in to poverty, his mettle was continuously tested. From a prior service Coast Guard sailor to a tried and true battle scarred but hard Army combat veteran, Sgt Hack refused to take no for an answer and accept defeat. This text, which should be required for all high school JROTC, college ROTC, and all military academies as well as collegiate business schools, tells of the challenges and exploits of a man committed to the American alpha male personified conscious that cries never say never. After parlaying an old WWII Willys Jeep into an American flag costumed recruiting vehicle akin to Evel Kneival, he would lose it to a high ranking officer, only to purchase and “patriotize” a Corvette, thus giving military service, a sort of sex appeal. As the book details, he was able to make patriotism en vogue. This lead to his epiphany of merchandise marketing.
As the book details, everywhere that he has gone, he has left an indelible impact on any and all who encountered him, such as Ohio crime bosses angered at his disruption of numerous criminal enterprises while serving as a Hudson, Ohio police investigator after his military retirement. From a failed bar owner, homeless beach dweller in Florida, street vendor, he managed to catch the eye of Jeb Bush. Only then did his newly wed wife discover his heroic exploits in Vietnam, owing to his modesty and concealment of PTSD.
Having a knack for unconventional and unorthodox approaches to business, and life altogether for that matter, Sgt Hack rests on the “stand by your man” unconditional love of his wife and borrows $500 from her. Despite challenges and staunch antagonism, such as the spiteful efforts of an enraged mother-in-law attempting to sabotage his VA loan, Sgt Hack would transform this defining moment and throw caution to the wind. Many would perhaps question, “but why the leather jacket industry?”.
The leather jacket has always held an iconic status in American pop culture, made infinitely popular by counter culture bikers, and aviation golden age era aviators. Evel Knieval made the customized jacket popular in the 1970’s with his numerous high flying motorcycle and dare devil antics. This would be followed in the 1980’s with the arrival of Harrison Ford’s “Indiana Jones” character, and Tom Cruise’s military patch clad Naval Aviator G-2 jacket. There was clearly a market for leather jackets. Owing to his business acumen, he sought to go into the leather jacket business in a hard shell to crack business. Intent on winning and winning at all costs, years later, US Wings is a leader in the military leather jacket and military memorabilia.
Life Of A Warrior, is a great read that tells of the triumphant will of the underdog to achieve despite, class, income, educational level, and the near loss of life. Furthermore, it tells of how one man chose to stick to his guns despite the obvious signs of negative situations and people surrounding him. So much can be gained by reading such a brief, but powerful testimony of how to be successful despite adversity. An easy reader, it further tells of how so much can be obtained with so little. The key ingredients are vision, faith, and persistence. Just as the enemy NVA soldier failed to pierce his spirit, failure was not an option for Sgt Hack. This book is the ultimate, “rise from the ashes” testimony and is sure to motivate any and all who read it. More than just a book on patriotism, it also answers to business development, marketing, self help, inspiration, and spirituality. Much can be gained by reading such a powerful and dynamic text about a man who refused to lose. There’s only one way to find out how Sgt Hack was able to blunt the efforts of the crime boss who placed a contract and bounty on his head. Simply read The Life Of A Warrior. Welcome Sgt Hack !!!

Ignacio Pullum

Thank you Ignacio