Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sgt. Hack Recruiter of Choice, 101st Airborne

I did not serve with SFC Hack in Vietnam. I did serve with him in the Cleveland, OH Recruiting Main Station when I was a Unit of Choice Recruiter for the 101st Airborne Division. He was, without question, the most dynamic, personable, motivated Army Recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of serving with. He singlehandedly was responsible for the entry onto active duty to the 101st Abn Div more recruits than the rest of the RMS combined. We worked together to set up parachute demonstrations, Helicopter Rappelling demonstrations and for the lack of a better term - meet and greets with all of the high schools in the area. He taught me more about how to motivate people than all the other schools, classes, people in my life.

I purchased my first jacket - an A-2 in 1994. I was pleased to find the owner of the company, US Wings was none other than my old friend SFC David Hack. I knew he had retired from the Army and was a Chief of Police in the town they lived in, I had no idea that he and Lannie had started one of the very first internet sales companies on the planet.

I consider David one of my oldest friends. We can go several years with no contact and start again without missing a beat. Good book, that accurately portrays what we went through in the RVN.

Thank you David for finally writing the book!!
Michael Vick 1/4/16

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